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Green Kitchen Countertops: 3 Eco-Friendly Choices

Published: November 6, 2010
Save money over granite and be kind to your home planet. How? Pick a green kitchen countertop material when you remodel your kitchen.

eco counter tops
If you´re replacing your kitchen countertops, it´s smart to go green whether you´re on a tight budget or can afford something luxe. These days, sustainable materials are just as good-looking as traditional countertops like granite or quartz, so making a green choice won´t ding your home´s resale value.

What´s green? Green kitchen countertops feature recycled or sustainable content, low-toxicity binders, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, or a combination. Local production is good, too, if you can arrange it, because transporting countertops is a big fuel-guzzler.

But the most important thing is to pick something durable—if you never have to buy new countertops again, that´s as green as it gets.

These three green kitchen countertop options earn high marks for durability and style. And for value, compare them to the ubiquitous slab granite, which costs $60 to $100 per sq.ft.

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