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How to Meditate...Even if You Think You Can't

How to Meditate...Even if You Think You Can't

Published: September 1, 2011

The everyday hustle and bustle of modern life leaves little time for reflection, much less meditation. Yet researchers have determined that downtime actually increases retention of new information and assists in productivity.

meditationFor those who simply can't slow down, the idea of a weeklong mountain retreat is enough to inspire more stress. Fortunately, meditation doesn't need to be prolonged to be beneficial. Following are some tips to help you achieve a more peaceful state of mind through meditation:

Find a Favorite Place: Very little is needed to begin meditation, but a quiet, restful place is essential. Whether at home or work, take time to carefully select a spot that will allow you to relax, close your eyes for a few minutes and avoid all distraction.

Breathing Basics: Meditation is practiced by diverse people in different positions and places around the world, but one thing nearly all have in common is the emphasis on breathing. Learning how to properly breathe takes a bit of practice but is simple to start. Simply begin counting as you inhale and exhale. Start with a count of one and continue to 10 as you progressively become more in tune with your rate of breathing.

Tame the Timer with Technology: Yes, technology is a major contributor to the stress of daily life, but it's also a terrific tool. Download free audio files with time limits to help guide you through a meditation session, reminding you to breathe deeply, take a short break and other healthy habits throughout the day. The Insight Meditation Center offers free audible downloads and timers.

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