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Real Estate Resolutions: Tips for Sellers

Published: October 1, 2011

When a new year starts, many people resolve to lose weight, give up smoking and spend more time with the family. Others add selling the house to their list of resolutions. Following are eight tips to help you decide whether or not to sell, and how to go about it:

Real Estate Resolutions: Tips for Sellers 1. Take a good hard look at your home. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Make a list.

2. Watch for sale signs in your neighborhood and go to open houses. Start thinking about how your home compares.

3. What have other similar houses in the area sold for? Most homeowners are a bit unrealistic about what their house is worth. You want to be on the same wavelength as your real estate agent when the time comes to set a price.

4. Research the market. How long do houses stay on the market in your neighborhood? Is it a hot market for sellers right now?

5. Know what it will cost to sell your house. Will you pay for a home inspection, legal costs or renovations?

6. Spruce up the house. You know you'll have to do it eventually, so why not present your house in its best light now? De-clutter and finish uncompleted do-it-yourself projects. Outside, tidy up the property, sweep the steps and change the light bulbs. It will allow others to see your house in a new light.

7. Select a real estate agent who can give your home maximum exposure while keeping commissions low so the home can be competitively priced.

8. Take your time. Selling your home for the best price may take longer than you anticipate. Don't add to the pressure by setting unrealistic time limits.

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