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How to Prepare for the Spring Housing Market

Published: March 1, 2012

Spring is the time of year when sellers and buyers gird up for what has traditionally been the most important season for buying or selling a home. Following are some ways to prepare:

Spring FlowersSellers
Sellers should be aware that there's a lot of competition for buyers in the spring. That means sellers should do everything possible to differentiate their home from others, including the following:
  • Polish windows and floors, rake the yard, mow the lawn, and add flowers in containers.
  • Wash blinds and curtains and have carpeting cleaned.
  • If a seller has spent the winter renovating to sell, new pictures should be taken to show the renovated space to best advantage.
  • Consign dark linens and towels to storage and add bright or pastel accents in baths and bedrooms.
Buyers should have a good idea of what they want, how much they can spend and the neighborhoods they're interested in.
Buyers should also:
  • Have a network of experts in place, such as a real estate agent, lawyer, home inspector and mortgage broker.
  • Obtain a copy of their credit report, and if there are errors, clear them up.
  • Approach several lenders for preapproval.
  • Decide before shopping for a home the most they're prepared to pay.

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