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Want to Feel Good? Try Decluttering Your Life

Published: April 1, 2012

Decluttering is in. A Google search on "decluttering your life" generated 1.16 million results in just a sixteenth of a second. Everyone from professional declutterers to Zen masters has something to say about it. Simply said, though, it boils down to this: Declutter, feel good, achieve more.

Following are some tips to help you declutter:
  • Many experts recommend you start small. A post at recommends spending five minutes a day on decluttering. Before you know it, that junk drawer or hall closet will be a thing of beauty.
  • As you're going through that junk drawer or closet, ask yourself if you've used items in the past six months. If not, get rid of them.
  • DDelegate a box for the undecided - items you might want in the future. If you don't open the box in three months, get rid of the contents.
  • Everyone has things that don't live anywhere. Consider the often-lost TV converter or recharger for your electronics. Make it a mission to find these things.
  • How many knickknacks do you really need? Pick your favorites and take memory pictures of the rest. Then pass them on to charitable organizations.
  • Buried under papers? One suggestion: Every paper that comes in the door lands in a single place. Sort through the pile every two days and discard or file every piece.
Last but not least, learn to love the decluttered look. You'll stay decluttered for life.

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