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Are Words Losing Their Magic?

Published: September 24, 2012

The most powerful ideas in human history have one thing in common - they're all based on words. From religious doctrines to political constitutions to famous speeches that have broken down walls and created worlds, words have a long history of forging futures.

WordsSo, what is it about words that give them the ability to shape perspectives?
Rooted in oral tradition, words have always communicated importance.

From oral traditions to the written word, words were luxuries available only to the elite. That is, until the printing press made it possible for them to be distributed almost as soon as they were written.

Today, words are shared as they're conceived, and technology has made it possible to fire these "thought-rockets" around the world at devastating speeds.

That same technology has quickened the pace of the world. We do more, say more, share more - but does that mean we're thinking more?

Among social media, digital media and broadcast media, words are hurled randomly into cyberspace with meanings twisted and distorted. Indeed, we're littered with words, but how many of them actually matter?

Ironically, even though we're exposed to more words today than ever before, fewer move us as did the words and works of the great orators of the past. Are words losing their magic?

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