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Five Design Trends That Will Help Sell Your Home

Published: September 16, 2012

Getting your home ready to sell? These 2012 design faves will give you that updated look buyers want...without the updated cost. Best of all, most of these ideas can go with you to your new home.


Design FavesPaint is the least expensive and most effective way to update your home. And this year, it's all about bright colors. But use them with care. Painting your family room tangerine is a spot-on trend, but it may alienate buyers who can't imagine living with it.

Instead go for neutrals - soft grays are very current - and add punches of color. Cushions, art and accessories in a bright color will pull your room together in a very modern way. Be sparing; don't add more than two colors as accents, and make sure they play well together.


Designers are using wallpaper in oversized paisleys and retro designs for accent walls, but even easily strippable wallpaper may turn off buyers. Demonstrate your pattern savvy in other ways. Try stapling wallpaper to a large frame and hang it to get the feel - but not the permanence - of an accent wall.


Many buyers will probably tour your home in the evening. So play with different levels of lighting to pick up its best features. For example: highlight crown molding with uplights and update the kitchen with trendy pendants. Bright white light works best for super-modern d├ęcor while yellow-based light makes traditional homes feel cozy.


Trendy mirrors add glamour to any room...and make it look larger. Hang a mirror opposite a window to bring the outdoors in.

Salvaged pieces

Reclaimed architectural pieces can make your home special. Visit salvage shops for old fluted columns to give a sense of separation to open concept spaces...without losing that open feeling. Or use antique corbels as brackets to support a glass shelf.

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