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Deep Six the Eight-Glass Myth

Published: November 25, 2012

Your mother always told you to drink eight glasses of water a day. Now it seems she's wrong.

8 glasses of waterMore and more health experts agree that drinking eight glasses of water isn't necessary to stay hydrated.

Why not? Because we tend to get enough fluids from the foods and beverages we ingest throughout the day - even from drinks like coffee and tea.

Foods like lettuce and watermelon contain enough water to keep you satiated and hydrated for a few hours, so you don't have to chug a glass or two with every meal to feel virtuous.

What do the experts recommend? Drink when you're thirsty. And while it's not a bad thing to drink eight glasses of water a day, it's not been proven scientifically that it's the only way to stay hydrated. Sorry, mom.

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