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Trust Your Attorney to Negotiate a Win-Win Deal

Published: November 15, 2012

You're about to make one of the most important purchases of your life - a home for you and your family. But here you are, handing over those all-important home purchase negotiations to your real estate attorney.

Win-Win-WinRelax. Your negotiations are in good hands.

Strong negotiating skills are among the many reasons you use an attorney. He or she has been specially trained in negotiations and has many years of experience putting this training into practice.

Here are some of the reasons you should trust your attorney to bargain on your behalf:
  • While your attorney wants to make the best deal possible for you, he or she knows that, by definition, negotiating requires some compromise to make it work. (For example: "Give on the price, we'll loosen our demands for a 30-day close.") Both parties should emerge from negotiations feeling they've gotten a good deal - a win-win.
  • The adage that everything is negotiable in real estate isn't necessarily true. You don't want to go for everything, because you may end up with nothing. Your attorney will decide what mountains to die on according to your priorities. And let's face it - that refrigerator you want but the seller won't surrender, probably doesn't qualify as that mountain.
  • Your attorney has the experience to correctly size up the seller, which can give you a major advantage during negotiations. Is the seller motivated and prepared to give concessions, or are there other offers waiting in the wings?
  • Most important, your attorney negotiates based on facts, not emotion. He or she can table a home inspector's report proving that repairs are needed without recriminations and present stats to support your offer without arguing over value.
So you can relax; your attorney's negotiating skills will get you that deal. And chances are it will be a win-win.

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