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Capturing Daily Life in 2,000 Images

Published: February 20, 2013

Usually when it comes to cameras, the photographer is the one controlling what is photographed and when. Not the case with a recent invention by a former Microsoft employee.

SenseCamThe Autographer camera is the world's first wearable smart camera. It's hands-free and uses sensors informed by algorithms to determine the right moments to take photos. It can capture the wearer's day in 2,000 unique images, which can then be replayed in about five minutes.

The camera's predecessor - the SenseCam - was developed for use in the medical field, mainly for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease as a way of showing their physicians the progress of their daily lives.

For people such as law enforcement workers and parking officers, the Autographer's images could settle disputes in which one person's memory is pitted against another's.

But most important for the rest of us, the Autographer could be a lot of fun in everyday life, capturing photos of our world without our even noticing.

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