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Five Tips to Help You Create Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Published: June 25, 2014

Dining al fresco is one of summer's greatest pleasures. But it can be hard to pull off a great outdoor dining experience without the proper setup. Enter the outdoor kitchen. Interested in creating your own? Check out these tips:

  • Constructing your own island or grill area with stone can get expensive, plus it can't be easily moved. Keep costs low and set up easy with a pre-fabricated counter or grill space. Pre-fab options are often on wheels, making them easy to move, and can be purchased with built-in sinks and lighting.
  • Keep durability in mind. Your outdoor kitchen furniture and appliances will be exposed to the elements; choose resistant, reliable materials and treat them as recommended. Remember that the space will be exposed to cooking oils and high temperatures, so any materials used in the area will need to be heat resistant and easy to clean.
  • Setup is important - don't site your outdoor cooking space too far from where you plan to put the dining area. Also, consider the proximity of the outdoor kitchen to the indoor one; you'll need to move things from one space to the other, so make sure there's a clear path.
  • Plan to cook and dine, rain or shine? Make sure you incorporate a rain shelter.
  • Grow as you go. Plants, flowers, and decor can be added on an ongoing basis. Make sure the essentials are in place before emptying your wallet on extras.

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