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5 Tips for Losing Weight After the Holidays

Published: January 1, 2012

After weeks of parties, baking, extravagant dinners and holiday-themed cocktails, many people wake up in January to find they've added a few extra pounds.

According to several studies from the last 10 years, the average adult gains at least one pound during the holiday season. A study by The New England Journal of Medicine indicates most people don't ever shed that weight.

Following are some tips and tricks to help you sensibly shed the holiday weight:

ScalesTrade Sugary Juice and Soda for Water: Drinking water will help your body flush out toxins and can stop you from overeating. If you overindulged in seasonal cocktails, try eliminating all alcoholic beverages in January.

Eliminate Starch and Sugar From Your Diet: This can help kickstart your weight loss. Refined sugars and starches - like those found in candy and white bread - can add to waistline bulge.

Eat Small Meals: Christmas meals usually involve long, sit-down meals with several courses. Try eating five small meals instead of three large ones, with no snacking in between. Aim to include protein, whole grains, and fruits or vegetables in each meal.

Snack Responsibly: Have a container of washed and cut vegetables and fruit in the fridge so that an easy and healthy snack is always available.

Eliminate Processed Foods: Highly processed items such as potato chips, some granola bars and frozen meals are often high in sugar and sodium.

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