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Better Business Bureau Review

Published: January 1, 2012

We do not belong to the Better Business Bureau ("BBB") and here is why. The year was 1996. We had launched our new business in 1995 to change the process to sell a home. The goal was the same back then as it is now "to provide a less expensive method to list a home on the REALTOR MLS".
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As we became know to the market place we were also badgered with calls from BBB. We explained our business mission and we were told they were receiving many inquiries about our business. The BBB said they could not respond to the inquiries they were receiving about our new business unless we were members. The BBB emphasized how important it was for a new business be a member and that we were probably loosing business.

While cash was king we did join for a few years. At the end of each anniversary we would get badgered about extending. We decided to call and discuss the inquiries we had over the many months of our membership. They said they could not find any inquiries but thought we had inquiries.

As the new anniversary was approaching, I called to cancel my membership to find the phone number had been disconnected. Not only had the phones been disconnected, the government had shut down the office for embezzlement of funds. Who knows how long we were not receiving the proclaimed benefits of BBB. We wasted a lot of money during those cash starved start up years.

In today's social media market place sites like Trulia provides a more open environment to communicate successes and challenges. Feel free to visit us on Trulia.

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