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Buy Diapers and Soap... With Your Smart Phone

Published: June 25, 2012

Their goal is nothing less than reshaping the retail industry. And with the growing popularity of smart phones and other mobile computing devices, tech-savvy retailers may wind up doing just that.

QR Codes Smart PhonesWhereas previous generations thought of shopping as requiring a trip to the local mall, buyers in recent years have become increasingly comfortable making their purchases online: letting their "fingers do the walking" via keystrokes on a computer. But now, e-commerce innovators - such as the online drugstore - are taking that idea one step further.

By strategically locating so called pop-up stores in key commuter hubs, retailers are finding new ways to bring goods to shoppers. Using their smart phones, busy commuters simply scan the quick response (QR) codes (those black-and-white square patterns you?re seeing everywhere these days) on images of products, such as brand-name diapers or detergent, to place their orders. Purchases are delivered to their homes as early as the following day.

Shopping by smart phone while on the go may be a relatively new notion for many, but the appeal of such a system is obvious. With the ease of pressing a button on their pocket-sized device, time-pressed commuters can cross off items on their to-do lists that otherwise would have required a far more time-consuming trip to the local store.

And with PC World reporting earlier this year that smart phones "are already more popular than PCs," such e-commerce innovations are sure to be around for a long time.

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