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Summertime and Outdoor Living Is Easy

Published: June 20, 2012

Summer is back, so what are you waiting for?

Summertime...and Outdoor Living Is Easy Whether it's the best foods to grill, the comfiest furniture to lounge on or the perfect backyard setup, here's to getting the most from summer 2012.

The Barbecue
  • One of today's hottest trends is stuffed burgers. Create your own by forming patties around fillings like cheese, bacon, even chutney.
  • Try this restaurant trick at home. Add mesquite or hickory wood chips to charcoal to add a subtle smoky flavor to meat.
  • Grilled pizza can become your new go-to dinner. Make or buy your dough, add your favorite toppings and throw it on the barbecue.
Outdoor Living
  • As long as local regulations permit it, add a fire pit to your outdoor living space. There's nothing better than inviting a few friends over on a Sunday evening for a nice, relaxing evening by the fire.
  • Outdoor pillows look great on your wicker furniture or patio set. Better yet, they make great floor cushions. You can get them in fun, bright colors and materials specially designed for the outdoors.
  • They don't call it an outdoor living room for nothing. Jazz up your backyard space with fun accents. Raid your living room for decorative planters and mirrors. Don't forget bright linens and unbreakable tableware and glasses for the outdoor dining room.

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