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A Peaceful Use of Drones: Aerial Videos

Published: May 20, 2013
Unmanned aerial vehicles - nicknamed drones - have seamlessly made the leap from military to peaceful uses, attracting an entirely new (and wide) audience who just love them for their role in creating amazing aerial photography.

For under $1,000, enthusiasts can acquire remote-controlled cameras that take photos and video footage that would otherwise be impossible. These aerial cameras are producing videos that are attracting major attention online - like the one of a pack of wild coyotes running on a California hillside that accompanied a recent article in the online magazine, The Week. Trend watchers are calling for an "explosion" in drone-facilitated aerial photography.

In the past, bird's-eye shots were only possible with expensive, inaccessible technology like that used in movies. But now, a host of inexpensive and easy-to-get products are available from $300 to $700. So anyone can take awe-inspiring photos and videos.

Of course, this technology isn't without its cons; remote-control cameras make it easy to infringe upon someone's privacy and that is an issue. But it will be difficult, if not impossible to impose strictures. Especially when the product is so amazing.

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