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Once Upon a Time-Canine-Style

Published: May 20, 2014

Question: What has four legs, barks, and can help your child read? Answer: A canine tutor.

If your child is struggling with reading or behind in homework, there is a wonderful proven solution that works on several levels. READ, or Reading Education Assistance Dogs, is a literacy program that started in Utah with the goal of helping children develop their reading skills. Now the program, or a variation of it, has spread across North America, and it's likely available at a school or library near you.

The precious pooches help improve confidence and motivation to read, and are great reading buddies who won't bark back any harsh comments or criticisms if a child stumbles or reads slowly.

Best of all, you can try this at home - with your own dog. Simply make this a learning experience for both dog and child, and chances are they'll respond eagerly.

Feline-lovers haven't been forgotten; a similar program has been tried with shelter cats, and despite the challenge of getting the cat to focus, child and animal delight in the experience.

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