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You're Not Finished: Spring Cleaning Round 2

Published: May 25, 2014

So you thought you'd finished your spring cleaning a couple of months ago? Not so fast. The act of spring cleaning has become a deeply ingrained habit for most of us. And when something becomes habit, we often get lazy about it, assuming we know what to do. Sure, you went through your summer clothes, wiped out the fridge, and cleaned off the lawn mower. But did you wipe under the taps?

For spring cleaning round two, use the following list to help make your abode truly sparkle:

The area surrounding the stove

You scrubbed your stovetop and turned on the oven cleaner setting, but what about the surfaces? The cabinets above your stove are probably still covered in a thick layer of grease. Wipe it off! The same goes for the backsplash and nearby walls.

...and the fridge

When was the last time you looked underneath or behind your refrigerator? Thought so. Take a deep breath, pull the fridge out, and give those hidden floors and walls a good sweeping and scrub. Wipe down the top of the fridge and the inside and outside of the handles, which can get grimy from sticky hands.

Forgotten surfaces

Window sills do get dusty. Home expert Charles the Butler recommends vacuuming window sills not once a season, but once a week. He also suggests using a toothbrush and baking soda to scrub hard-to-get-at areas around your bathroom and kitchen taps.

Give your plants some TLC

Indoor heating and a winter spent inside makes for dusty houseplants. Take a cue from Martha Stewart, and give them a wash. Martha suggests you rinse off larger plants in the shower, using your shower-head attachment to spray them with lukewarm water. For smaller or delicate plants, cover the soil with paper towels and hold the pots upside down while swishing the leaves in a bowl of water.

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