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How the MLS Saves Sellers Time, Energy and Stress

How the MLS Saves Sellers Time, Energy and Stress

Published: June 1, 2011

Often the best way for an owner to deal with this issue is to have a lawyer draw up the paperwork after the rough details have been worked out with a potential buyer.

How the MLS Saves Sellers Time, Energy and StressSecond, finding a qualified buyer can be difficult. "Agents representing the Buyer" typically ensure that potential buyers are qualified to buy the property before they cross your doorstep. Buyer Agents do not want to waste their own time with Buyers who cannot afford your home.

Mortgage pre-approvals and extensive consultation typically ensures that the buyer is serious before a showing takes place.

Homeowners and "Agents representing the Seller" have limited access to a potential buyer's financial qualifications before the sale.

Third, you must assess whether you have the ability to market your home and court potential buyers.

Most Buyers do use an Agent to find their next home and the Agents use the MLS to quickly identify homes to show.

Using a real estate agent can seem more costly than selling a home on your own, but sellers need to measure whether they are prepared to invest their time and energy into the sale of their home.

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