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How to Tell Stories That Your Audience Will Love

How to Tell Stories That Your Audience Will Love

Published: June 1, 2011

Today, the ability to effectively communicate an idea or concept through the age-old art of storytelling remains an important skill for business leaders.

Become a great storytellerStories have helped entertain, educate and inform the masses throughout history, so it should come as no surprise that those most versed in the skill are held in very high regard.

The advent of multimedia is rapidly transforming the role of orator and storyteller into an in-demand skill.

Whether your audience consists of tired toddlers at bedtime or a roomful of sponsors at a celebrity bash, it's important for you to learn how to make maximum impact.

The following are some tips for successful storytelling:

1. Identify: Every good story has an antagonist and protagonist or a hero and conflict. Clearly identify both early in the story, and then allow the tension to build as the character or plot develops. The audience must be aware of the problem and the potential resolution in order to care for the character or concept.

2. Passion: Say it with meaning. The essence of a great story lies in the way it is told. Without passion, even the most inspirational story comes across as lackluster. Use inflection points and emotion to create an atmosphere in keeping with the primary points of the story.

3. Transformation: Build a bridge by providing pictures of before and after in the mind of the audience. Clearly explain the outcome or impact related to the objective of the story, including how it relates to others.

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