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Three Ways to Banish Burnout in the Office

Published: June 1, 2011

Stress, long hours, career insecurity and the general day-to-day grind can exact a toll on any employee. But there are ways to avoid burnout. Following are some tips to help you thrive - rather than barely survive - the everyday demands of work:

Burnout at the office1. Learn How to Let Go: There are several effective strategies designed to reduce stress while increasing productivity, but delegation and prioritization rank among the most important, according to experts. Take time to teach others how to properly perform routine tasks both at home and at work. It might require extra effort and patience at first, but the long-term rewards will be well worth it.

2. Learn How to Say No: Don't make the mistake of taking on more than you can effectively handle. Instead, focus your efforts on the most important aspects of each project. It's also important to have clearly defined roles and job descriptions to avoid the tendency to take on more responsibility over time.

3. Learn How to Lay Low: Sooner or later everyone encounters a troublemaker. Rather than taking their insults or insinuations personally, learn how to lay low. In most instances the problem will take care of itself, given a bit of time. Recognize that every situation does not require a response, and then allow yourself the freedom to focus on the job rather than the interpersonal relationships of the office. Not only will it result in better performance, but the extra energy is better spent dealing with family and friends rather than co-workers.

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