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Buying a Home? What an Agent Can Do For You

Published: November 1, 2011

Thanks to the Internet, virtual tours and, it's easier than ever to locate prospective properties when searching for real estate. But before you try to go it alone, it's essential to understand the other advantages real estate agents bring to the table.

Experience: One of the biggest benefits of working with a real estate agent is the level of experience brought to the table. Agents make it their business to know upcoming changes, the latest listings and even important trends that can influence your purchase.

Excellent Service: From skilled negotiations to compiling a list of prospective properties, real estate agents save time and money throughout the entire transaction. The average real estate agent is often able to increase the ability of both parties to obtain the most meaningful milestones.

Education: The real estate market has undergone dramatic changes in recent years, with many more on the horizon. Real estate agents must take a specified number of continuing education credits every year to remain up-to-date on legislative changes and other procedures.

Expert Advice: Real estate agents do more than just list homes on the Multiple Listing Service. They also provide exposure within the market. In fact, the more specialized the type of property, the more important an agent tends to become. From condominium to commercial building, farm or single-family home, it's essential to obtain advice provided by a reputable agent.

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