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Essential Advise to Help You Plan Your Perfect Party

Published: November 1, 2011

Whether you are planning a barbeque or a sophisticated soiree, these tips will help you create a get-together that everyone will enjoy:

Essential Advise to Help You Plan Your Perfect PartySelect a Style: Decide in advance whether the party will be formal or casual. This provides a foundation to determine everything else, from the type of invitations to entertainment. Casual invitations can be sent via email, but written invites should be sent at least three weeks in advance. Decorum and dress code should be clear to everyone invited, including whether or not children are welcome.

Select a Size: When planning a party, size matters. Expect a response rate of 70% to 80%, but always leave a little space for last-minute arrivals. Provide ample seating and food, and don't forget a courtesy invitation to neighbors.

Select a Start: Customarily, the "less important" person is introduced to the "more important" person, but when in doubt simply make sure everyone has an opportunity to meet one another.

Select a Setting: Determining whether or not to have a party inside or outside isn't always simple. Inclement weather can ruin even the best get-together, while indoor gatherings have a tendency to feel stuffy and warm. Check the forecast well in advance, and always have a contingency plan in place should the weather or indoor environment take a turn for the worse. Advance planning provides the flexibility to accommodate overflow crowds or make space when required without cramping your style or breaking up the party.

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