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The Internet Age Open House: Has it Become Irrelevant?

Published: December 30, 2013

In the old days, sellers could rely on open houses to give their properties wide exposure to potential buyers.

FOXmls Virtual Tour
But now, thanks to the Internet, the traditional open house is starting to feel old hat.

The vast majority of buyers now dip their toes into the housing market online. They can easily narrow their choices through websites with vast databases of local properties for sale.

From there, most buyers turn to virtual tours with access to local statistics, to hone in on a few special properties. They might attend an open house, but most prefer virtual tours.

Meanwhile, sellers hope for the kind of response to their open houses that their parents might have received. They're usually disappointed.

These days, sellers are under competitive pressure to provide virtual tours of their properties in leau of open houses.

For pictures, videos, and personal tours of your home, virtual tours may pay off in faster sales and higher asking prices.

Don't hold open houses. Hosting several open houses says "desperation" to buyers and may encourage lowball offers. If you hold open houses, don't expect it to be your parent's open house.
A virtual tour can be better than an open house.

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